Nothing is in vane, everything is prohibited Instituto Superior de Arte, Colateral, 7ma Bienal de La Habana , Havana, Cuba, 2003.

Biennial of Portugal
Troia, Portugal

Danca Cuba,
Gentil Carioca Gallery,
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2008

From the Series: For Your Safety

For Your Safety is composed of sets of signs in differents formats and supports, from metal urban signs to stickers and animations, to other resources. I use pictograms from the International System of Typographic Picture Education (Isotype). Through this language, I bring personal narratives to the public space. These signs have been used to intervene public spaces in different cities including Havana, Toronto, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. My approach to this system of symbols is ludic –I like to subvert the rational and functional character of this language that is used to set city rules and commands.