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    Time(Less) Signs / Zeit(Lose) Zeichen Contemporary Art in Reference to Otto Neurath
    Zeit(lose) Zeichen – A Tribute to Otto Neurath – DVD Sneak Preview from Karl M. Slavik on Vimeo.13 December 2012 through 17 February 2013 Opening: Wednesday,12.12.2012, 7 p.m.Pictograms, icons and apps, … analog and digital signs determine our daily communication, visual guidance systems dominate public space. The most recent political revolutions have also relied on universally understandable pictograms. That which is state of the art in today’s media originates from Otto Neurath’s system of visualization: ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education).Otto Neurath: “The common citizen should without limitation be able to obtain information about all matters of interest …” (external link)
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    A GENTIL CARIOCA has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the show LANÇA CUBA 
    that will take place on Saturday June 28th from 4p.m. to 8p.m. This exhibition will 
    introduce the work of seven young Cuban artists showing for the first time in Rio de 
    Janeiro. The show, curated by the artist Carlos Garaicoa, has the intention to bring 
    together a group of very talented artists emerging in the Cuban art scene that have 
    found and developed a new path on the visual art field inside and outside Cuba.
    Here the public will find many approaches to different issues not only important to 
    the Cuban context and particular reality as a Socialist country, but also universal 
    reflections that allude to art, desire, hope, identity, history, globalization, 
    new technologies, etc… From the use of very precise symbols as the national anthem 
    and the flower (Reynier Leyva Novo) that address subjects as identity and the 
    'never- written' Cuban history, to the playful reinterpretation of an homogenized 
    society by the emptiness and dysfunctional values transmission of street signs 
    (Rodolfo Peraza)….
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    09/23/06 - Globe and Mail (Canada) - Inside Cuba's anxious heart.
    (...) The strongest work in Pacemaker is by the lesser known Rodolfo 
    Peraza, whose projection work For Your Safety strikes a note of deft 
    subversion. Peraza has created a lexicon of little human figures 
    modelled on the generic man/woman symbols used to demarcate public 
    washrooms. In his works, he places these figures in various 
    predicaments, many of which can be read as comic commentary on the 
    fate of the Cuban people. (...)
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